Post vom Kap 19 – Zitate vom Freitag

„Love for thos who are like us is ordinary. Love for those who are unlike us is extraordinary. Love for those who dislike us is revolutionary.“ – Vaughan Roberts
„No Pastor is the shepherd of his church – Christ is the shepherd working through the work of the pastor. The church does not thrive on the words of the pastor – it thrives on the word of God … There is no greater need to world mission than to recruit, train and deploy ministers to the word of God“
„Die Hälfte der Weltbevölkerung lebt von weniger als 2 Dollar pro Tag. Jeden Tag verhungern 30.000 Menschen.“
„86% of Muslims, Hindu and Buddhists know no follower of Jesus personally“
„Every year 1000 Imams and Mullahs are coming to Christ through the witness of our group of Muslim Background Believers. Of course are we attacked, persecuted and ambushed. Of course we are afraid and fearful – we are no heroes. But we are compelled by God’s love for our fellow Muslims and go.“
„If Moses had to work out the problem of the Red Sea first, he would have never led the people of Israel out of Egypt“
„Although the leaders of Jesus‘ day lived a leadership model that seemed infinietely stronger than his own, history has proven them wrong“
„We are Africans. we don’t have watches, but we have time.“

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