Post vom Kap 2 – Zitate vom Sonntag

„We cannot fulfill God’s purposes for our fathers‘ or grandfathers‘ generations – or that of our children. We have to fulfill God’s purposes for our generation. Therefore I pray: God, if there’s any way I can be of use with that, please use me“ – Doug Birdsall
„God in Christ reconciled the world to himself – that’s only believeable if Christians are living reconciled with eaxh other“
„Apartheid is too strong for a divided church (Bischof Desmind Tutu)… the Needs of the world today are it as well“
„What you haven’t said yet, you can still say later“ – Sprichwort aus Nigeria
„Welcome in the name of the only King that I know, the only saviour who saved me 43 years ago – Jesus Christ of Nazareth“ – Erzbischof Henry Orombi aus Uganda
„Many generations of Christians were and will be convinced theirs was the last before Christ would return. One of them will be right.“
„Jesus solved a big problem: How do you fight hatred when everyone around you accepts it?“

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