Post vom Kap 23 – Zitate vom Samstag

„Do we view the world as an enemy or as an opportunity?“ – Calisto Odede (Kenia)
„Some defend the gospel, some celebrate the gospel and Africans dance about the gospel. There are those who are making a business out of the gospel, but we will not talk about them…“
„We need to live different because we are different … Sacrifice seems to be the last word in our dictionary today“
„What hurts God most is not the sin in the world, but the failure of God’s own people“ – Chris Wright (Großbritannien)
„If we want to change the world, we must first change our own hearts and ways … Before we get up to seek the lost, we must get on our knees to seek the Lord“
„The prosperity gospel is working very well – for its preachers.“ – Femi Adeleye (Nigeria)
„If it was not for the church, I would be dead“ – heroinsüchtige Prostituierte, die in einem Alphakurs in Großbritannien zum Glauben an Jesus fand

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