Post vom Kap 5 – Zitate vom Montag

„Did you find Jesus?“ – „I did not know Jesus was lost. But I was, and Jesus found me!“
„We can reveal the truth of Jesus Christ to the world only with our lives.“ – Carver Yu
„Believing Jesus is the saviour of the world and keeping that to oneself, is completely implausible“ – Michael Herbst
„It’s not the prevailing of Christendom that shows the power of the gospel – it’s the convicting inner power of the Holy Spirit“
„If you know God, you are really free even if you are in prison. But if you don’t, you are in prison anywhere – even if you are free“ – Pastor, der 12 Jahre in sowjetischen Arbeitslagern inhaftiert war und jetzt in einem muslimischen Land arbeitet
„We have to stop providing solutions for people without being part of their problems“

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