Post vom Kap 9 – Zitate vom Dienstag

„Salvation may be personal, but there’s blessing in the togetherness of being a built as a dwelling place for the Spirit“ – Ong Hwan Tek, Malaysia
„In Christ God recreates mankind, reinstates mankind and gives mankind a new purpose“ – Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Mexiko
„The temple walls were built to keep the ins in and the outs out. What about our church walls?“
„We Americans have perverted the golden rule: He who has the gold gets to make the rules.“
„Good works are a mark of new life – their absence a sign of the lack of it“
„The lepers were the HIV victims of Jesus‘ day.“
„There is more slavery today than in the times of Wilberforce“ – Joseph D’souza, Indien
„Nothing but the common concern of the global church will bring down mankinds longest standing slavery system – the untouchables in India“
„Young people all over the world are less concerned with what the church says about reconciliation – they watch what the church is doing about it!“
„In the body of christ you have no choice in who you want to love“
„HIV positive people are looking to the the church to live what they’ve preaching all the time – that Jesus loves all people no matter who they are“ – Princess, Sambia

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