Post vom Kap 12 – Zitate vom Mittwoch

„God is not a tribal deity – his purpose encompasses the whole universe. Lausanne is not a gobal congress of world evangelisation – Lausanne is a global congress on the cosmic manifestation of the glory of God“ – John Piper
„For Christ’s sake we as the church care about all suffering in this world, especially eternally eternal suffering – if we resist one of both, we either hav a defective view of hell or a defective heart.“ – John Piper
„What we have lost, God will restore“ – Libby Little, Witwe des Arztes der am 5. August in Afghanistan ebei einem humanitären Hilfseinsatz erschossen wurde.
„Even if everyone in this world hates Muslims, Jesus loves them“
„In every religion of the world, God offers his mercy at the expense of his justice – except for one: The God of the Bible offers his mercy through his justice“
„The Triunity of God is properly represented by true humility in his church“
„In cities you have more image of God per square inch than anywhere else on earth. But people are moving to cities way faster thathe church is.“ – Tim Keller
„Ein junger Erwachsener zwischen 18 und 25 Jahren wird in Lateinamerika mit 70-mal höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit ermordet als in Großbritannien.“

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